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About Us

We are tea specialists, sourcing and blending tea and tisanes from around the world. We started in 2008 with a desire to offer excellent quality teas, and to share our appreciation for world tea cultures. We treasure natural flavours, finding teas that have been harvested and processed with great care and attention, and use the finest herbs in their purest form. Careful sourcing, seasonality, and quality ingredients are essential to us.

Once referring to the brew made from the leaves of the tea plant, the Camellia Sinensis, the word ‘tea’ has taken on a much broader meaning, encompassing many different plants, herbs and flowers. We feel both tea and tisanes deserve to be paid equal attention, and unify them under one roof.

With a background in herbalism and herbal blending, we started making our own tisane blends using exceptional quality herbs in unusual combinations that are inspired by traditional recipes, history and folklore. Our product range has grown to include a selection of speciality teaware, each piece selected with a focus on both functionality and beauty.
Soho Blend is our creative blending project that allows us to share the flavours we are most inspired by each season. This special tisane blend changes seasonally, and uses fresh herbs in combinations that we have not previously explored. This blend pays homage to our home in London, and to our customers who come here to find something new and exciting.