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Brass Tea Caddy Spoon
£25.00 (GBP)
This tea scoop, which is hand hammered and then welded from brass, will patina and darken as the metal oxidizes with use. Each one is unique, with the tiny indentations only visible close-up where the craftsman has shaped the scoop.
Its traditional shape and design allows you to measure just the right amount of loose leaf for a teapot.
In China tea became more popular and reached a peak during the Tang Dynasty a period when tea utensils and tools became used more widely. There is a broad range of tea tools based on their function and properties such as scoops and spoons.
There are lots of tools for measuring and transferring tea from the original package into steeping vessels, which are made in different shapes, sizes and materials depends on the type of leaf they are designed to hold.
You can also find tools for sifting the tea and whisking, which are necessary when making perfect matcha.