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Noel! Noel! Noel!

November 14, 2017
Staring up at a warm, crisp sky scattered with stars; horse riding through expansive wilderness; a dusty smell in the air of the plains underfoot. Christmas means very different things to everyone, many of us experiencing a Christmas that is at odds with what we normally expect of this time of year. This beautiful Australian carol set in the outback captures this atmosphere perfectly for us, and has formed the mood for our festive celebrations in store: a Christmas that is unexpected and unique. 
Our theme this year has been inspired by a collection of ink drawings by Australian London-based artist Bethany Scott. Bethany’s style is influenced by the natural world; having grown up on an Australian native flower farm, nature’s beauty, wildness and fragility have always been a comfort and constant for her. Bethany works with a collection of mediums including paint, resin, clay, metal, found objects, and screen printing on fabric. A passionate florist, her fascination with flowers and nature and it’s power to inspire her artistic practice continue to be essential to her.

 To complement our theme in store, our very special Christmas blend is available only at this time of year, and is one of our all time favourite house blends. This tea is our own interpretation of the flavours of Christmas, a warming blend of full-bodied Chinese black tea with pieces of sweet pineapple and orange peel. The tea is scented with natural caramel and maraschino flavours, making a delicious accompaniment to mince pies or Christmas cake. Our Christmas blend will be available to taste in our Soho shop throughout December.
Christmas Collaborations
Each year at Christmas we collaborate with a new candle maker to design a scent for our limited edition candle. This Christmas season we have worked closely with Stolen Moments Candles to create a uniquely perfumed scent that is inspired by one of our favourite My Cup of Tea blends. Our tea-infused candle is scented with our warming Smoky Earl Grey tea, a unique house blend of Lapsang Souchong black tea from China with natural bergamot oil.  
The fragrance is deeply soothing, inspired by the pine forests of the Wuyi mountains in Fujian province, the origin of our Lapsang Souchong. Here the tea is dried over smoking pine wood fires, giving its characteristic deep, smoky flavour. When lit the burning wooden wick resembles crackling wood fires, and releases a sweet and aromatic scent of benzoin and black tea, with delicate notes of citrus and florals. The handmade glazed clay pot, painted in the soft colours of this year’s chosen theme, is designed to be reused as a beautiful cup or vase once the candle has burnt out. 
Instagram: @StolenMomentsCandles
Japanese Wreath-making Workshop
Japanese New Year wreaths, known as Shime Kazari, are the name given to the Japanese wreaths hung above entrances at New Year, and signify that the place inside has been purified. They are thought to keep misfortune and bad spirits away, and welcome the gods for the New Year. Shime kazari are adorned with good luck charms and auspicious decorations that are believed to bring success and prosperity.
We are holding two wreath-making workshops at our Soho shop, when you can learn how to craft these beautiful wreaths, drink our delicious Christmas blend tea and take away your own Shime to decorate your home or give as gift. 
Thursday 30th November - 6.30pm - 8.00pm
Tuesday 5th December - 6.30 - 8.00pm
Book your place at a workshop by purchasing a ticket on EventBrite.