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Events & Tea Tastings

We regularly host tastings, events and workshops with the aim of imparting our knowledge and enthusiasm for tea customs, history and tasting. These are an opportunity to find out more about where our tea comes from as well as the different types of tea around the word, to taste the differences and to immerse yourself in the world of tea.
We also welcome bookings for bespoke tastings for individuals and small groups.  
For more information, to browse our list of events and to book tickets visit EventBrite.
Upcoming Events
Join us for our monthly tea tasting event and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of tea. You will taste a wide range of black, green, oolong, white and pu-erh teas, learn about where they come from, and discover their journey from plant to cup. Understand the differences between the teas, how provenance impacts on flavour, and how to prepare the perfect brew. You will also be introduced to some of our herbals, learn about our careful sourcing practices and about what makes our tisanes so special.
Thursday 22nd March 2018
Thursday 26th April 2018
Tuesday 13th March - 19:00-20:30
Taste 10 very special oolong teas from Taiwan and China, each with distinctly different flavour profiles. Learn about what makes these teas so special as well as how to brew the perfect cup of oolong. You will taste a selection of single origin chocolate, guided by the founder of Maza Chocolate. Maza's chocolate contains all natural ingredients and stone ground cacao, sweetened with organic palmyra nectar and made with no additives for an intense and delicious chocolatey flavour.
Tuesday 17th April - 19:00-20:30
Our Japanese tea tasting is an incredible opportunity to explore the flavours of Japan. Taste 10 types of Japanese tea from different regions, and discover how they are grown and made. Learn about the history of tea in Japan, how to brew green tea using traditional Japanese teaware and how to make the perfect matcha. Tea will be accompanied with wagashi - traditional Japanese sweets often served with tea.